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06 December 2010 @ 03:56 pm
What is happening to you Tumblr!!! This is so annoying!
I was on it yesterday evening when it went boom on me around 11-12 pm!! I thought it would come back later but it still isn't!
WTH with your 'come back shortly', it's SO not true!
Why did you get me addicted if you fail on me on the 1st occasion! :p


And I haven't pimp it here, but I have opened a Benedict Cumberbatch icontest community!
(yes, someone stop me, I already have difficulties dealing with [info]vampires20in20 , what am I doing! ^^')

benedict_stills - benedict_stills - benedict_stills
So basically if you like Sherlock (BBC) and its main actor, come and join the fun! ;)
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02 December 2010 @ 05:34 pm
I don't know if anyone is interested but as I know some of you don't follow my graphic comm, so I post it here too! :)
I wanted to do something for Christmas, so if you want some icons of anything you like for Christmas, I'd be happy to do some for you!

The post is HERE @ coloryourdreams!
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29 November 2010 @ 05:23 pm
I finally got the chance to see Harry Potter yesterday (why were we the last country to get it?!) and it was awesome!
I feared I wouldn't like it as I really wasn't enthralled by the 6th movie while it was my fav book...!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1, ramblings here! :)Collapse )

And on another note, I never said it here but I have a Tumblr! I discovered it last year but got its magic only now and I'm kind of addicted right now!
> So, I'm HERE! :)
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I joined scifiland!!! So here is my 1st participation to a challenge!
The idea came from the fact that I realised I ship the pretty Simon with a lot of people in this show! :)

> And some icons there too:

> PICSPAM + ICONS HERE @ coloryourdreams
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04 November 2010 @ 04:18 pm

by letsey_x

Can I wake up to that face every morning Mr Morgan please? I mean how cute is he?
And I will be way more grateful than Arthur is! ;)
Will you marry me, Colin, we're the same age so it's perfect, right?! (yes, this is just pure logic! ;) lol

And on another note, I'm a pimping whore with this comm, but I've opened sherlock_vids , a general Sherlock Holmes' verse fanvids community as there was none! :)
So, feel free to join and/or post your pretties!

sherlock_vids - sherlock_vids - sherlock_vids
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New Sherlock fanvid! A cracky one about Sherlock & Moriarty! :)
I heard this song and thought it would be fun to vid with these 2!

Music : Wonder Why - Julian Perretta
Spoilers: All 3 episodes.

Maybe recreate the times, You were shy but happy, And we were fine and dandyCollapse )
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28 October 2010 @ 04:14 pm
October icons!

> Multifandom post (The Vampire Diaries, Pushing Daisies, Smallville, Charmed (Piper Halliwell), Spooks (series 9), Legend of the Seeker,Doctor Who, Billie Piper, North & South, Merlin)
All HERE @ coloryourdreams


> Merlin (Merlin & Morgana) for merlin20in20
All HERE @ coloryourdreams


> Sherlock (BBC) for sherlock20in20 & Benedict Cumberbatch
All HERE @ coloryourdreams


And a new round is beginning @ who_rumble! :)
22 October 2010 @ 11:21 am
OMG! OMG! Just had to flail a minute!
Martin Freeman (John Watson in Sherlock) confirmed his part as playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit!!! And wait for it... Richard Armitage is part of the project as well!!! *squee!* (the only question is how will they make him as a dwarf as he is more of a giant right now?! lol)
(and there's even Aidan Turner (Mitchell, Being Human))!

The full news is here, if you want to read the details!
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20 October 2010 @ 03:13 pm
I've watched White Collar yesterday evening and I really liked it! I've only watched the pilot for now but, I love how the characters are developped, how it's about them before being a cop show (because even if I love Sherlock, I'm still not a cop show fan! lol)
It made me think of kind of Sherlock/lestrade relationship actually (before John)! Even if Neal is the opposite of Sherlock in the way that he is not a sociopath at all! ^^ I love how witty and charming he is!
But when Tiffani Thiessen appeared on screen, I like 'blah'...! I never liked her, since my childish years, when she was in '90210' (yes, that's old! ^^'), I don't know why, something about her I never could get over with. But nevermind, I'll do with it!
I will surely continue this show, because I really enjoyed it and both main characters have great chemistry together! <3

Follow the cut for a small picspam! :D
'No more relationship advice from this side of the car. Call doctor Phil.'Collapse )

It really is. With him, even big boring law books are sexy!!! ^^
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16 October 2010 @ 03:07 pm
I made a Sherlock Holmes picspam because, yes I'm really obsessed (!) and I've finally seen the 2009 movie last week so, I used the movie and the BBC series! (and, I let my shipper side talk a lot in this! ^^)
I've used qotes from the 2009 movie, BBC series and Conan Doyle himself! :)

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